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VOIP Rates

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Exo Management LLC’s VOIP solutions assist firms decrease expenses or to across distributed environments. Our local VoIP and IP systems are the best in supporting remote or off-shore telecom routing configurations to agents and virtual contact centers. We also offer soft phone features vital to perform dialing, disconnecting, putting on hold, transferring, conferencing and other related telephone functions.

We also provide comprehensive termination services to telephone businesses, VoIP carriers, call centers, and IT service providers. Three primary reasons as why clients should choose us:

Top-quality voice services

Simplification of communications


Boost operational efficiency

Competitive rates, and

Ease of doing business

Exo Management never compromises quality over its rates or costs as we work towards making things balanced and keep our clients satisfied. We believe that there is no shortcut to achieving high quality as we pride ourselves in delivering the same or even improving quality over time.