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Exo Management LLC is founded on people, seamless processes and revolutionary technology. Our brilliant service framework is marked by superior execution, excellent quality, constantly improving customer experience and continuous process enhancement. It is developed, tailored and delivered for our beloved clients by a team of certified engineers with decades of domain experience and expertise in the industry of BPO.

These platforms, applications & tools are firmly integrated with client systems, thus guaranteeing we at Exo Management are always focused on the end-customer while being receptive to the fluctuating business needs of our clients.

We deliver high-quality, customized technical support solutions for the entire spectrum of the customer lifecycle, ranging from basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support—for both businesses and even consumer support.

Optimize your standards with Exo Management’s cutting-edge technology. Our platforms come in forms of:

Over 2500 MB of telecom infrastructure linking numerous service delivery centers through paths that guarantees almost zero downtime, 100% failover across the global routes, and offers multiple-carrier redundancies.

Over 10 million data files — images, voice calls, e-mail transactions and chat support transactions— are gathered daily from across the world, and deployed flawlessly to any of the 35 service delivery centers of Exo Management in Russia, Italy, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hongkong, Taiwan.

Our technology infrastructure is defined by strength and reliability; with immediate failover to the alternative routes during major global catastrophes, interference to telephone and data communications are restrained to marginally higher latency for the few minutes, but business continuity and stability is always secured.

Exo Management LLC conducts over 200,000 credit card transactions in one month. We possess an exclusive IVR-based payment processing system assembled and integrated by Exo Management and certifies transactions are fully opaque to our connections, as we value client security and confidentiality.

We offer exceptional and reliable technical support solutions for several companies worldwide. Through experience, Exo Management has recognized and developed flawless methods for bringing levels of technical support that is tailored to our clients’ ever-changing demands and needs.

These tailored technical support solutions that we made especially for our clients boost productivity, decrease defect rates, enhance customer satisfaction and fortify customer loyalty—all while controlling the expenses to a minimum.